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Colour Perfection for Mobile Devices

ColorMunki AppIn our on-the-go, photography-filled world, mobile devices have become one of the most important ways for displaying and sharing our images, but their colour accuracy is not perfect. ColorTRUE is the super simple way for professional and enthusiast colour perfectionists alike to get unrivaled colour accuracy on their mobile devices.

Show your TRUE colours – anywhere and everywhere you are!

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Perfect colour. For colour perfectionists on the go.

Mobile phones and tablets aren’t perfect. They may not display the colours in your photos as accurately as you’d like. Their colours can drift over time. The backlight may be way too bright. And changing ambient light conditions during different times of day or in different locations will affect what you’re seeing. Mentally compensating for an uncalibrated mobile device is nearly impossible, and at the very least is incredibly frustrating. What you see on your mobile screen(s) should match your laptop or desktop screen. With ColorTRUE, now it’s easy!

Image Gallery – Perfectly Displayed Images

ColorTRUE comes equipped with an incredible image viewer. With its unrivaled features, you’ll obtain a true mobile-to-desktop screen match so you can confidently show your photos knowing they are colour accurate.

  • Before and After – Toggle back and forth to instantly see how calibration improves the colour accuracy of your mobile device. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your colour-corrected image.

  • Ambient Light Compensation – Both your surrounding ambient light condition (that can vary by location and time of day) as well as your screen brightness affect the way you perceive colour and contrast on your mobile device. ColorTRUE allows you to adjust to any lighting condition and automatically monitors the screen brightness setting, factoring it into the ambient light compensation adjustment. So go ahead, increase or decrease the brightness level of your tablet or phone and ColorTRUE will make sure the appropriate compensation is applied -- automatically.

  • Print Simulation – Preview your images to see how they will look when printed on various output devices. This feature allows you to choose a generic printer profile and rendering intent. Or if you want to import your custom profile, it’s easy to do so through iTunes®. Now you can show your clients exactly what their image will look like on that special paper and eliminate unpleasant surprises. •ICC Profile – Tired of losing your embedded profile or converting all your images to sRGB for mobile viewing? Now you can easily assign sRGB, Adobe® RGB, or ProPhoto RGB to your images so they all displayed as you intended.

  • White Point – In order to minimize the colour difference between your mobile device and your desktop or laptop display, it is important to use the same white point setting across all of them. ColorTRUE provides three white point settings - choose between D65, D50 and Native.

Which Device Do I Use? An X-Rite measurement device is required for the ColorTRUE calibration process. Supported devices are listed below.

For iOS phones and tablets:
ColorMunki Smile
ColorMunki Display

For Android phones and tablets:
ColorMunki Display